More Common Ways to Ask and Answer in English

20 Juli 2017

Hallo everyone,

My name’s Rizal Rulloh, and I’m English teacher for SMK Negeri 1 Sukalarang – Sukabumi, West Java. It’s my first posting. In this occasion, I invite you all, my students and everyone (teachers, staffs, visitors etc.) who want to learn Basic English. So here it is, the reference video for learning and practicing. The more we learn and practice, the understand and master we’ll be.

This video taken from youtube, you can visit their youtube channel at for more content learning, you can visit their website at

In this video, Alisha as a English tutor of is going to teach you about more common ways to ask and answer in English. The length video is about 28.33 minutes, in very three minutes you are teached differents more common ways asking and answering such as asking and answering ‘How are you?’, ‘what is your job’ in other ways. Here they are some lessons that you are going to learn in this video:

  1. Lesson #1: I am fine. (to ask and asnwer ‘how are you?’)
  2. Lesson #2: What do you do? (to ask and answer ‘what is your job?’)
  3. Lesson #3 : Asking about hobbies
  4. Lesson #4 :Where are you from?
  5. Lesson #5 :What’s your name?
  6. Lesson #6 :Getting contact details in the US (some ways to get in touch with someone)
  7. Lesson #7 : Asking ‘where do you live?’
  8. Lesson #8 : Asking ‘where did you do to school?’

That’s all what we are going to learn now, let’s check them out and practice!



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