Violence in MPLS is a Big No-No

21 Juli 2017

Mr. Ucke as Head of Broadcasting Study Program opened MPLS Broadcasting and discuused what broadcasting is.

Student Orientation Program (MOS), we called it MPLS (Masa Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah) a program to introduce new students to the school environments nowadays (we’ll call it MPLS for the sake of simplicity).

Team Managerial Broadcasting sat in front of new students for getting to know about them

SMK Negeri 1 Sukalarang, especially Broadcasting Study Program is heedful of these issues. Our MPLS program concerned on introducing school’s environment which encompassed; getting to know managerial structure, teachers, introducing broadcasting program, and simulation to be wannabe broadcaster. And all of those activities would be much friendly, educational, fun for all, and big no-no for violence, bullying and stupid thing. In that opportunity, we emphasize student to discipline, minded, and creative through MPLS rules, and some instruction to make a quick-video production by utilizing surrounding environment. That’s how MPLS broadcasting worked to make them discipline, minded and creative.

Miss. Endra asked one of new Broadcasting student about his personal information in English.

Mr. Anis ordered them to make an impromptu quick-video production.

Conforming to Broadcasting Study Program, “violence, bullying and other stupid things are considered as duping, and those are not educated at all, no benefit for our new students”. In their mind, they must be hoping for better school and comfortable study experience while waiting for their first day to school, so as the school managers, we have to meet their hoping at the first impression by   giving an excited orientation experience. Having a good moment during MPLS will be reminiscing.

Grouping them into a team for making impromptu video.

Feel students while discussed about their video planning.

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