How to Write an Application Letter

20 November 2020

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3.28. Menganalisis fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahastaan beberapa teks khusus dalam bentuk surat
lamaran kerja, dengan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait jati diri, latar belakang
pendidikan/pengalaman kerja, sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya.
4.28. Menyusun teks khusus surat lamaran kerja, yang memberikan informasi antara lain jati diri, latar belakang
pendidikan /pengalaman kerja, dengan memperhatikan unsur kebahasaan, secara benar dan sesuai konteks.

My dear students, in a few months later you’ll graduate from this vocational school. As vocational students you all are prepared to work directly instead of continuing to a college. In that time you’ll look for a job, and an application letter is the first thing that you need to prepare for applying a job. An application letter and resume are two most important documents you need in your bid to get a job and finally join the workforce.

What is an application letter?

An application letter, also known as a cover letter or covering letter is a one-page document that introduces a job seeker’s work history, professional skills, and personal interest in applying for a job.

In other definition, the term “application letter” and “cover letter” are different when it comes to purpose, content, and length.

Application letter in this lesson is a document which main purpose is to describe your skills, market your abilities and summarize your experience. It contains your background, summarize your knowledge and experiences includes a few more details as to why you are qualified for the job.

And what is a resume?

A resume is written compilation of your education, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments. Most professional positions require applicants to submit a resume and application letter as part of the application.

In this chance we focus and just talk about application letter, we’ll talk about a resume in next meeting.

What to Include in Your Application Letter

When writing your application letter, you must use the following basic structure:

Salutation: A professional greeting that addresses the hiring manager by name

Introduction: Carefully written to grab the hiring manager’s attention and explain whyyou want the job.

Body paragraphs: At least two paragraphs detailing your relevant education, skills,work experience, and suitability for the job.

Conclusion: A concise ending that reiterates your strengths, and asks the hiring managerto contact you (known as a call to action).

Furthermore explanation, please watch this video video

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